Wipro closed below support level. Its the time for down trend. We predict Sell Wipro at current level (373) with a target at 355 and stop loss at 386.

Reliance Infra There was a correction today on steady uptrend for reliance infra, buy more at this support level, with a tight stop loss. Buy Reliance Infra at 513, with stop loss at 500 and target 535. 

Reliance Industries Buy at 827, with stop loss at 815 and target 845. The correction, just finished, and up on the go.

SBI Couldn’t break the resistance at 2313. Broken swing low today.  The rally which picked up last two weeks, has ended. Sell at 2260, stop loss 2340, book your profit at 2190. 

Infosys Continous streak of fall, will find a support here. Buy at 2285 with tight stop loss of 2262, book your profit at 2400.

Tata Motors It is at strong resistance to break, sell at 287 with stop loss 295 and book the profit at 275.

Nifty Broken swing low. Sell Nifty at the open and book profit at 5800, with stop loss at 5950.

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