RK’s Super 9 Vs monthly 999

I am comparing RK’s Super 9 with RK’s monthly 999 plan.

Both plans offer same leverage and same charges for software. The only point of difference is the brokerage. Super 9 charges 9 + 9 per trade that Rs.18 for buy and sell. There is no brokerage per trade in Monthly 999 plan. So how do we compare?
In Super 9, every trade is charged Rs.18. Suppose if we do 60 trades in a month, then this charge goes upto Rs.1080 (Rs.18 x 60 trades). This means if we do more than 3 trades every day continuously then irrespective of the turnover, our monthly brokerage will exceed Rs.1080 in the Super 9 plan.
In Monthly 999 plan, even if we do 100 trades a month, the brokerage still remains the same.
So we need to make a decision here – 
  1. If our number of trades will be more than 3 per day, then go for monthly 999. 
  2. If our number of trades will be less than 3 per day, then go for Super 9.

Is it possible to earn more by limiting trades to less than 3 per day? Yes, it is possible provided we have a 100% successful strategy. Suppose if we have a highly successful strategy, then we will invest in just one trade per day with high stakes and you are done with just a small brokerage of Rs.18. But if you are less confident of your strategy and want to diversify risk, then go for monthly 999. .

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