Weekend may affect important financial information market

The Fed chose to start the last monetary policy meeting on exiting the program in 2013 , so about the slow global liquidity jet landing , the most fundamental reason is better U.S. economic data. In addition to the first three quarters , including core data , including the unemployment rate has continued upturn , the recent series of data than expected , it is the main reason for the Fed to make the tough decisions to promote . According to U.S. Labor Department data , in November the U.S. non-farm sector added 203,000 jobs , the unemployment rate of 7.3 percent the previous month has dropped to Bernanke before the scheduled exit node 7% ; November housing starts to 1.09 million , more than economists expected 963,000 ; third quarter U.S. non-farm sector labor productivity rose at an annual rate of 3% , the highest gain in nearly four years. As will be noted in the statement , ” to improve economic activity and labor market conditions in the broader economy ‘s potential power enhancement is consistent view of the cumulative progress made ​​towards the direction of maximum employment and employment prospects improving market conditions “and thus made ​​a” slight reduction in the size of its asset purchase program . “



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